Mono Symptoms

Mono Symptoms

For those researching on the symptoms of mononucleosis, reading this article should be worth while. According to some clinical researches, among the primary causes of mono, Epstein Barr viruses happen to be the evident ones. They infect your nerves, causing contagious mono symptoms. But common symptoms of mono are headaches and steep migraines. These viruses can infect your liver as well, and this can result into further magnification of headaches. Read about symptoms of asthma and asthma treatment.

Usual pain killers bring momentary relief sometimes to soothe these symptoms. But they rarely address the hard-line causes of these headaches and migraines. Aspirin should especially be avoided due to the association it has with the Reye’s syndrome (this one happens to be one of the rarest conditions causing inflammation of your brain or liver with risks of fatal consequences.

If you are looking for an all natural approach for relieving your infectious symptoms of mono, you should try to relax for some times so your nerves get soothed and your neck or back muscles find a relief. Consider cleansing your liver. It also helps if you try and re-hydrate your body using lots of pure water.

The most feasible way to have your nerves relaxed and muscles soothed is taking a moderate dose of magnesium along with B complex supplements. Some people have found great results with Epsom salt bathing which happen to be naturally rich in magnesium properties. This can also help you loosen up the tight muscle groups and provide some relieve to the headache problems. Just add a few cups of fresh Epsom salt into a bucket of mild hot water and bathe yourself with it. It can also help if you have a prolonged soak into the water before your bedtime.

However, the mono symptoms (like headaches) become chronic and long term, you could consider having a massage on a regular basis. Some people just see a chiropractor, an osteopath or a physiotherapist to get professional grade treatment for this. They might work well onto your muscle groups and improve the overall health of the spine, ensuring optimal level of nerve supply all through the body.

Common Symptoms of Mononucleosis

Other common symptoms include fever, swollen glands or abnormal fatigue. A number of people out there also have reported that they suffered from headaches, keen muscle aches, lack of appetite, irritating nausea, diarrhea or loose stools, sensitivity to light and other types of respiratory problems which include nasal discharge or coughing.

Uncommon Symptoms of Mononucleosis

It’s not uncommon to see enlarged spleen. In some cases, some patients experience liver swelling as well as discomfort underneath their right rib. This includes fat intolerance and dark rings under their eyes, which could be coupled with headaches.

When young children experience symptoms of mononucleosis, their parents miss it out as they think it’s just a simple flu. On the other hand, older children can experience viral skin rash as well as abdominal pain. At the other end of the spectrum, some patients who’re over 30 years old suffer from more intense symptoms of mono, which usually involves a lengthy phase of recovery. For more information on mono symptoms check: symptoms of mono.

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